Here at Loud, we know we’re the biggest supplier of fun and fashion- not just in the country, but on the planet. You could say we have a big ego, but we’d say that’s just knowing ourselves, our merch and most importantly our customers through and through. That’s why we love bringing your favourite characters to life through licensed dress-up costumes and accessories. We also take pride in the fact that when you’re kitting yourself out in our music tees and merch, you know you’re getting the best. We work with the biggest bands around the world to bring you the real deal products from quality merchandise companies. This is your one stop shop for creative costume ideas, special editions, hard-to-find designs and unique imports from Europe and North America.

Our team are super passionate about the industry; whether it’s dressing up as our favourite super-heroes, repping our favourite band tee or filling our houses with awesome collectables, we love what we do. Basically, we aren’t just a faceless bunch of suits; we really care about what we do and the items we sell (which is just one of the reasons why the stuff you’re seeing here is ace).

We also do our best to make sure you are completely happy with what you buy from us and always want to hear your feedback. We work with independent review site Trustpilot so that every customer can let us know how we’re doing- now that’s self-confidence. Don’t believe the hype? Why not take a look and see for yourself.