Superhero Grab Bag

Size: Small
In stock


  • The 3 Superhero T-shirts come in a grey mailing bag.
  • You get to pick the size, but the rest is down to luck.
  • You may get Superheroes from the same universe, you may even get the same superhero or villain, the T-shirt designs WILL however be different.
  • Every T-shirt in the Grab Bag will be different, but if you order more than one bag you may get duplicates, unfortunately we can't help this. It's a lucky dip of T-shirt superhero awesomeness.
  • If you want 3 Superhero T-shirts cheap that are the same size and you don't give a flying hoot what universe they are from or which hero/villain they feature, this is the grab bag for you.
  • We don't accept returns or refunds for Grab Bags except for damaged items, unless you return the whole bag.

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