Hoodie Roulette Grab Bag

Size: Small
In stock


  • The Hoodie (or Sweatshirt) comes in a grey mailing bag
  • ‚£13 gets you a hoodie, which you get to pick the size of.
  • The Hoodies (or Sweatshirt) in Hoodie Roulette will be a mix of Music, TV, Film and Superhero. You can't unfortunately select what you'd like as its roulette.
  • The hoodies (or Sweatshirt) will be amazing for keeping warm on Sumer nights at festivals, great if you want to do any gardening work, painting or decorating. When you get up on Sunday morning and need to throw something on to head to the drive-through. This will be perfect.
  • If you want a cheap hoodie (or Sweatshirt) and don't give a flying hoot what's on it, this is the Grab Bag for you.

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